“Creating big environmental impact by influencing everyday choices.”

Did you know that the Caribbean is the most eco dependent region in the world? Nowhere else are people, economies and lives so heavily reliant on the environment for their livelihoods than right here. Yet the majority of us take it for granted.

In fact, we are already in big trouble. Our reefs, beaches, our animal and marine life and our water sources are rapidly being taken away from us year by year. Haven’t you noticed? Even our weather patterns have changed, hurricanes becoming more intense, flash floods becoming more frequent and droughts getting longer and longer. It’s not a coincidence.

It’s scary!

The good news, though, is that it’s not too late to change and we at Alter Eco believe that we can make a difference by helping to change attitudes and habits and by making eco-friendly solutions more accessible, understandable and affordable.

As we go on this journey together, we are guided by these four core principles.

– Partner Wisely

– Share Knowledge

– Be Bold

– Stay Ahead of the Curve

So if you’re interested in taking this journey with us, whether to help inspire, to share, to partner or just to learn, welcome on board. Together, let’s alter eco.



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